Rajapruk University receives National Award for Cooperative Education

     Rajapruk University is a private educational institution with awareness of students’ expectations and determinations. We build up student’s academic knowledge and develop their quality and integrity, in order that they will be able to apply knowledge in their future career properly. We focus on work-based learning which allows students to develop themselves in both theoretical and practical learning. Here, there is integration of new knowledge to the existing ones, a mechanism that fulfill the potentials of students in becoming university graduates with world-class quality.

     Cooperative Education is an educational system that focuses on learning from professional work experiences. Students combine their classroom study with periods of professional employment in real working situations, which include a variety of businesses and industries. The students are assigned to work in organizations that match the major of their study. With such combination, students graduated from Rajapruk University are highly desirable in the labor market. This is the reason why we received National Award for Cooperative Education 2015. Our students also won the second prize in Cooperative Project Contest in Social Sciences, Humanities, and Management (for upper middle-region network of universities) on the 6th Thailand’s Cooperative Education Day in 2015. It is a uniqueness of our management university and is also one of our strategies in university planning (RPU 3.0), leading us toward potential development in accordance with our vision of being a leading world-class standard university.