Rajapruk University has range of student support services to help our students adjust to University life and provide them with continuing support that will enhance their learning. We support the students with housing, health services, counselling and academic skills. Scholarships, grants and financial aids from government institution and private sector are available for outstanding students in their academic achievement, sporting activity, arts and culture.

There are career services with the range of part – time job opportunities available to current students, both on campus and beyond, and also full – time job after their graduation.

There are amount of extra-curricular activities, students can join health, recreation and sports activities such as football, basketball, futsal, hand ball, petanque and so on.

In addition the university also provide learning resource center, providing up-to-date information resources, quality printed materials, multimedia, and electronic resources, and effective services to fulfill the need of instructors, researchers and students, as well as general users. There are unlimited wireless networking services on campus to anyone conveniently with a laptop or mobile device. Wireless access is available through all areas in campus to connect to the RPU Campus WiFi.

Girls’ Dormitory  Rajapruk University
Girls’ dormitory is newly open in Rajapruk University Air-Condition and fan room with furniture (table, wardrobe, bed). Security system by finger-print scanner and security guard 24 hours.