Rajapruk University

Rajapruk University is a higher education institution situated in suburban area of Bangkok. Its main campus is located in Nonthaburi Province.  The University was established as a College in 2006 and authorized by the Ministry of Education to become a University in 2014.

Rajapruk University focuses on a variety of fields with the majority of degrees awarded in management, including business administration, accounting, mass communication, and liberal arts.

Even though Rajupruk University is quite a new higher education institution, it is one of the most respected private higher education institutions in Thailand and recognized by the national academic community as a fast growing private institution, rapidly increasing in student numbers.  In 2009 Rajupruk University was awarded “the best new university for cooperate Education”.  In 2014 Rajaprak University  was accredited by the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (Public Organization).

Rajapruk University tries to push the boundaries of  innovation, creativity and academic excellence by redefining tertiary education.  The unique administration has shownhow a broad-based education can interact with the teaching

environment to small-sized class in both academic and extracurricular activities.  Rajapruk University aims to produce well-prepared graduates      for the real world.  Mature emotional intelligence, morality and ethics, creativity and entrepreneurial skills are instilled at the University to create leader for the knowledge-based economy society.