University Logo :


The Logo of Rajapruk University is combined with the yellow-background circle with both Thai and English University’s name inside the V-shaped projection book, the light a tree, a globe, and the Rajapruk diamond.




  1. A circle us represented the knowledge of vacation skill development, which is dynamically creative through the society and the nation.
  2. The  V-shaped projection book, the light , and the tree are represented:
    1)  The book represents the variety of knowledge.
    2)  The light represents the dynamic intelligence development with the morality.
    3)  University tree means lucky, happiness, dignity, honour, and morality.
  3. The globe represents the international institution.
  4. The Rajapruk diamond represents the value of Rajapruk University’s graduates.
    The whole meaning is the light of the knowledge and the intelligence, morality, and internationalization of Rajapruk graduates, which is like the precious Rajapruk dimond.


University Buddha Image :
Buddha Sihig Mingmongkonchai Rajapruk


University Tree :
Golden shower tree, which Is most often called Dok Khuen or Rajapruk, is national tree of Thailand, and its flower is Thailand’s national flower.


Colors :
Yellow and Silver